Welcome to OUTREACH

Mobility Management Center in collaboration with Caltrans developed a suite of web-based tools to aide in the coordination of transportation resources for Santa Clara County residents.

Together We Ride – Mobility Management Center for Santa Clara County is a one-stop source of transportation information for transportation-disadvantaged populations (e.g., individuals with disabilities, older adults, Welfare-to-Work participants, homeless individuals & their families, low-income families, Veterans, limited-English speaking individuals, refugees, immigrants, emancipated foster youth, etc.). Through the Mobility Management Center, hundreds of rides for these individuals are provided each day through a coordinated system of human service provider organizations, transportation providers and transportation funders. Through this coordinated mobility management center, efforts are underway to plan for the mobility needs of vulnerable populations during and after emergencies and disasters.

OUTREACH Mobility Management Center (MMC) provides number of transportation options and management tools for coordination. TripNET for ride reservations, including discounted taxi rides, Fund Management and reporting; FIRM (Fleet Inventory Resource Management system) for coordinated emergency preparedness planning to better manage vehicles and drivers; GIS mapping for evacuation and to and from accessible shelters other mobility options and rider choices including volunteer driver programs, gas cards, vouchers, individual accounts for rides, among other tools.